The most commonly asked question is about pricing. There is no simple answer because I don’t have a fixed price list.

I prefer to discuss the details and find a price that works for everyone. With that said, I understand that people want to have a general idea before getting in touch so here are a few examples:

  • Business Headshots – Starting at $150
  • Portrait Session – Starting at $300
  • Product Shoot – Starting at $500
  • Wedding/Reception – Starting at $1,500

Prices include high resolution digital images on a flash drive and all images come with a print release for non-commercial use. I can make prints, albums, posters, magnets, cards, etc. as optional extras.

My work is of the highest standard but my prices are not the highest. If the above examples are more expensive than your budget allows you are still welcome to contact me about your project and I will do whatever I can to give you what you’re after at a price you are comfortable with.

Each shoot is different and I am flexible. Essentially, it comes down to two main factors. The first one, the amount of time needed, should need no explanation. The second, the mix of enjoyment and creativity, is a lot more subjective. Hopefully these two examples will explain things: If you want me to shoot an event you’re hiring me to get quality images of an important occasion. I don’t have room for error and I don’t have any control over the time or date. In this case I would charge you a reasonable rate based on the time and number of final images you want. However, if your shoot is a creative and collaborative project and you are flexible with your dates it really opens up the possibility of a huge discount. I have even done a few shoots without charging for my time because they were a chance to try something new or have creative freedom.